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Tank Battles (beta)

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Tank Battles
version 0.7 beta
Only for Windows!

Indie project.
I'm programming this game with few friends helping on graphics and beta-testing.

Currently it is a singleplayer tank deathmatch against bots. I'm looking for people to give any feedback, critic and to test gameplay/performance.

For performance testing: While ingame (after pressing Start Game) hold button P on your keyboard to turn off fps limiter. fps is displayed in the top left corner of the game screen. I'd like to hear your system specs and how much fps is ingame for me to improve the code.
Would be also nice if you could test the gameplay, the game is actually kind of hard atm.

Ingame Controls
- WASD to turn and move around
- Mouse to aim
- Left Mouse Button to fire weapon
- R to reload current weapon
- F for instant respawn if dead
- Hold TAB to show players and stats
- Press ESC while playing to return to the main menu

Downloads ~2.0MB


NOTE that the game has some bugs so test it at your own risk!

Screenshots (older versions):




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