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Survival Trail - isometric survival horror for Android

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Hello everyone,

I have just released my first game (please be gentle).

It took me the entire summer to complete.

The game is called Survival Trail.

It is an isometric zombie game where the goal is to look for food around the game world consisting of around 29 maps while avoiding the zombies that are slowly spreading across the map.

The game features:

[font="Arial"]* My own personal Isometric tile based engine
* Beautiful musical sound track consisting of 7 long tracks of eerie music,
* Ambient sounds like fires, streams, waves, wind, forests and towns,
* A game world consisting of around 29 maps to explore,
* NPCs to talk to and buy or sell goods from
* A timed spread of zombies across the map starting from the graveyard and eventually consuming most of the game world.
* Safe zones to relax in while the zombies spread
* A needs system (in the demo there are no health or food items)[/font]

[font="Arial"]It is available now on the Android™ Market:[/font]
[font="Arial"] https://market.andro...e=search_result[/font]
[font="Arial"] [/font]
[font="Arial"]Please give the demo a go and tell me what you think and if you like it why not consider purchasing it, if I'm lucky maybe I'll earn back the money I spent making it[/font]smile.gif[font="Arial"].[/font]


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Looks rad! Downloading now!


If you have any trouble with it send me an email and IF I can fix it i'll try.

I've recently been having an incredible amount of trouble (along with many other android developers) with the Android Developer console. It has been rarely if ever updating the download/install stats so unfortunately I have no idea if anyone is downloading my game and it is sadly getting lower in the search results as it still says less than 100 downloaded it despite it having at least 126 active installs a few days ago.

Anyone considering Android development keep all this in mind.

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Anyone who does download the game please leave feedback (constructive obviously) and if you encounter an error please tell me about it. There is nothing more annoying than someone cancelling an order and not explaining why? Did they get sick of the game (fair enough), did it stop working (help me fix it for people in the future) or did something else happen?

Anyway thanks to anyone who has downloaded the demo or purchased the game. Unfortunately, with the Android backend on fire (not literally) I am in the dark about how many people have downloaded the demo or the full game and it's driving me nuts.

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Well, I finally got a chance to play around with it. I can say that you definitely have a chance to make something really fun. If you could add some leaderboards or some such that would be cool! Definitely needs a lot of polish to it! Object interaction should be a little more defined. Like doors should be highlighted or something. In the starting area, I just got lucky and walked out of the cell the right way. Perhaps you could add a pistol or something that's a bit cheaper, since the item drops in the beginning seem to be random, I only had my twenty dollars and like 50 shotgun shells... seeing how I couldn't afford a shotgun, my first zembie encounter was fatal. I can see how this game could be seriously fun! I'm a huge fan of these types of games, but like I said, it just needs some polishin'!

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