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Setting up an android

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I've got a couple of friends all with programming experience ready to start developing a 2D android game. However before we start I want to check what is the best set up to develop 2D game on android.

From talks with a lecturer on our course they said they'd used PowerVR SDK for the rendering, NDK, ANT for linking and compiling and bullet physics in the past; which doesn't seem too bad though to set it up looks like a pain.
I'm rather in favour of using NDK since im more comfortable in C++ and the same can be said for the rest.
really just looking for api's that will make it easy for drawing 2D objects.

I've also been looking into creating a map file type as well. I was in favour of just using XML to do this but after browsing this forum a little SQlite seem like a nice way of creating map data.

If anyone has any useful advice on how to go about this would be great.

I believe the game is going to be some kind of beat-em-up.

oops forgot to get rid of the an in the title Edited by Dekowta

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if u want to use the NDK u should get an Android Device with 2.3 or higher. U should get an Android Device anyway, as the Emulator is a big pain in the ass. Since 2.3 NDK development works pretty fine. Go to the Google Android Resource Page and look for an OpenGL ES NDK Sample Code. This leads u through the initialization process in C++.

For compiling and linking i use normally Eclipse with the C++ plugin. The Android SDK and NDK plugins are very handy and easily integrated...

If you want to write a 2D Game u can either look for Engines or write your own but i can tell u from my own research. There are no good out there. At least no one similar to Albino. If someone knows better at this point. PLEASE let me know :-)

http://www.mapeditor.org/ is a great 2d editor for tile maps and it saves the map in XML. U can probably use it for a side scroller too.

Good luck my friend :-)

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