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Converting local to SQL

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Hey there, so basically I'm working on converting a game server (written in VB6), that saves account information locally, to one that saves in through MySQL. I'd prefer not having to do this (as it seems like a lot of work), but if so, is there an efficient way to do this? Am I better off just leaving the server file as is? Here's the source for the game server

Sub LoadPlayer(ByVal index As Long, ByVal Name As String)
Dim filename As String
Dim F As Long
Call ClearPlayer(index)
filename = App.Path & "\data\accounts\" & Trim(Name) & ".bin"
F = FreeFile
Open filename For Binary As #F
Get #F, , Player(index)
Close #F
End Sub

Any and all help/criticism/advice is welcome!

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What reasons do you have for wanting to use a relational DB for storing your server data? Also, you'd probably get a lot more help if you isolated the pieces of code that actually do the reading/writing of the server data, and limit those to the data you want stored. Otherwise no one is going to sift through hundreds of lines of VB code to find the relevant portions.

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Sorry about the code, all the functions are relevant, ban lists, adding players, removing players. I'll just isolate the section I would say is most important. I assume saving account information to a database, rather than a simple text file, is much safer.

This is how the current source saves account information
Click here for image

I just want some better protection. I understand that I'd have to connect to the database in question

Private Sub cmdConnectMySQL_Click()

Dim cnMySql As New rdoConnection
Dim rdoQry As New rdoQuery
Dim rdoRS As rdoResultset

cnMySql.CursorDriver = rdUseOdbc
cnMySql.Connect = "uid=YourUserName;pwd=YourPassword;
server=YourServerName;" & _
"driver={MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver};

With rdoQry
.Name = "selectUsers"
.SQL = "select * from user"
.RowsetSize = 1
Set .ActiveConnection = cnMySql
Set rdoRS = .OpenResultset(
rdOpenKeyset, rdConcurRowVer)
End With

' loop through the record set
' processing the records and fields.

Do Until rdoRS.EOF
With rdoRS

' your code to process the fields

End With

' close record set
' close connection to the database


End Sub

But what else needs to go into it?

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