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Game library/development environment

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ok, I was wondering if someone could recommend a games engine for an AI project (2D)...
well, to further explain, I need to make an AI project at university, in which they don't care about what we use to make the AI, so we can use what ever engine we want... I was thinking about using a program called scratch (yes, I know that this program Is EXTREAMLY BASIC, I mean hell, I used it in year 9) but I am only considering it because of time constraints. I am doing games Tech at uni, and another unit I am making a racing game on a heightmap in glut, so my workload is fairly big, and the points in this unit (AI) go towards the quality of AI and the report, no marks are for the quality of the game engine that you are using/making, so that is why I was considering scratch... Although, scratch might be a little bit to un-advanced for my requirements (I am making an ant path finding AI project) so, can anyone recommend either an extremely easy games library or a game development program (where you can code, but you have a GUI to develope it)... Thanks a heap, I hope one day I can help as much as you guys help me :)

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