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displaying textures

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Hello, I''m making a windowed DirectX8 application. I want to have a texture browser. I thought I''ll make it so: - create a dialog box. - override the OnDraw of some control/window in the dialog. - display a thumbnail list of all currently loaded textures (which are stored in a IDirect3DTexture8 interface). The point is, how would you write the OnDraw proc efficiently? My ideas: - using Windows API. Well, keeping a BITMAP copy of every IDirect3DTexture8 seems a bit excessive, isn''t it? - using DirectX. Ok, but I couldn''t find anything like the Primary Surface in DirectDraw7... Should I create a new swap chain just for the textures browser? I''m sure I miss an easier way to do it... Shortly said: "How would you display an IDirect3DTexture8 in a window?" Thanks for your help, jods

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Yeah, but I think I''ve not been clear enough.

What is my problem?
I give you an IDirect3DTexture8 interface, which contains a texture (as the name says!).
I want to display it on the screen (in my owner drawn list box for example).
How would you do it efficiently?
Is there a way to do it without allocating a new swap chain (if I use DirectX)?
Is there a way to do it without having a copy of that texture (BITMAP object) in memory (Windows API version)?

Is there a ggod way to do it, which I haven''t thought of?

For example, if I was still programming with DirectX7, I would do so:
-Get a pointer to the primary surface (well the screen!).
-Blit my texture there, using the member function of the surface interface.

But in DirectX8, I haven''t found such thing as a Primary Surface. So I should do it another way and I''m wondering how to do it efficiently.

Since a lot of people there should already have done that once, I thought it''ll be a good idea to ask (why re-invent the wheel?).


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