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How to exploit my ideas?

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Hello everyone, here's my story...

I'm a 22 year old student from Belgium. If all goes according to plan I will become a geography & math teacher next year.
You might ask yourself 'what are you doing here?'. Well, hopefully I have a proper answer to this question. Just read and don't judge.

I've been playing tons of games on my computer for the past 10(?) years (just like many of you). At first I fell in love with games like Death Race, Age of Empires, Commandos, FIFA, etc ...
But the last few years I've turned to online multiplayer browser games. I'm one of those guys that plays a game for a few weeks 12 hours a day to reach the top of the community and then jumps off to something else. Name an online game and I've probably played it and (sorry for the little bit of egocentrism) most likely made it to the highest level. In those years I've had tons and tons of ideas for new games or improvements to existing games. The problem is that I haven't found any good way to share these ideas. Writing them down in the 'suggestion&ideas'-forum of the community doesn't really help. Some of the ideas were used .. after I left the game. Mostly I'm so disgusted of the sloth and the greed of the dev-teams that it's no longer fun to play these games.
The ideas for 'new' games that I have are even harder to exploit. I tried contacting game developpers, but as I expected I didn't get any response. I didn't reveal my ideas either, because I don't want them to be stolen.
I have absolutely no experience in game development itself. I'm not going to try and learn it either. I'm not a programmer and I'll never be. It's not that I don't want to, but I know I'm not capable.
All I want to do is sit down with someone who's willing to listen to my ideas and exploit one of them. I want to write games. I want kids to have fun with the games that I wrote. I don't even want to make money of it. I just want to create something. But it seems so hard to get inside this world
After talking to some friends about this and another failed effort to contact a developper, I just started googling.
This is what I found, a decent website about game development.
But I have troubles finding my way. There seem to be alot of different forums where I could tell my story.
That's why I posted in here.

I'm asking you what I should do to become a Game Writer (if that's even the correct terminology).

Best regards
Dries Devos

(Sorry for my English, had to google translate some words :P)

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This is kind of a non-answer, but in general there is not a shortage of good ideas for games. And often ideas from a non-programmer tend to be unrealistic. Most hobbyist game developers already have their own ideas, so don't be surprised if no one is interested in yours (even if they are great).

However if you really want to discuss your ideas then the game design and writing for games sub-forums are a great place for that. Also you can keep an eye on the help wanted forums.

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Gaming does not qualify you to be a game designer. Having a game design degree would not qualify you to be a game designer. Game designer can mean many things - usually a lead designer is a high level position given to senior staff; most game designers would rather fall into level design or end up working on environment design.

To qualify to be a lead designer... you would have to have extensive experience, quite a few shipped titles and some very good friends in high places. In short, that's something that only happens once you've worked for a few years in the industry - not a title that you apply for and get a rubber stamp of approval overnight.
To qualify as a game/level/mechanic designer... you would have to have a good resume, with written samples, and some relevant experience. Preferably mods, levels and other stuff of interest that shows you're knowledgeable in design.

First rule of game design: an idea is not a design.
Second rule of game design: a story is not a game.
Third rule of game design: a game mechanic is not a game.
Fourth rule of game design: an untested idea is an unknown quantity.
Fifth rule of game design: any design should be iterative; not authoritative.
Sixth rule of game design: any design without proofs is not a design.
Seventh rule of game design: any idea worth stealing has already been made; spend your time on better things to worry about (like getting hit by a car when crossing the street)
Eight rule of game design: a gamer that judges passionately is not a designer and does not inherently understand underlying mechanics at work.
Ninth rule of game design: a designer does not necessarily understand a gamer.
Tenth rule of game design: a designers job is hard; be prepared to spend hours defending your well-written mechanics with examples, counter-examples, proofs, etc.
Eleventh rule of game design: there is no eleventh rule of game design; there are no rules.

Anything worth doing takes effort. No one will be willing to listen if you go about it half-assed and don't put your heart into it.

Best of luck! :)

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Mostly I'm so disgusted of the sloth and the greed of the dev-teams that it's no longer fun to play these games.

I think you're more disgusted at the 'sloth and greed' of the managers that order the dev-teams about. Or the upper-management that orders the lower management about. Or the stockholders that ensure the upper-management focus on greed, at risk of firing them otherwise. smile.gif

Or perhaps you're disgusted at the current legal laws of the country that make it possible and plausible for people to sue the company if they actually do use your ideas.
Or perhaps you're disgusted that development and programming takes much longer then most people imagine ("It'd only take like a few lines of code! You can have it implemented before lunch!") and that there are more important things that need to be done first ("Here's the new bug report, Fred... three thousand new critical-code-red bugs have been discovered since last saturday's patch.").

Or whatever. My point is, don't be disgusted at someone unless you actually have first-hand knowledge of why they do what they do. wink.gif

([size="1"]Note: I'm not a game developer for a major studio, I'm just a hobbyist, so I'm not speaking from first-hand knowledge of development teams either; but I am speaking from first-hand experience with programming)

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