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SFML: Dealing with Aspect Ratio?

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I'm setting up a top down 2D game with C++, sfml 2.0, and boost::python. I have it set up to parse an ini to set the resolution and bit depth when the app runs. But how do you manage, conceptually and programmatically, different aspect ratios? At first I though about working with one resolution and just scaling it all to the appropriate resolution, either down or up, but I realized that would result in the screen looking stretched. So how can I, with the least amount of effort, compensate for different aspect ratios?

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And they said you'd never use this thing called math XD...

void GameStateManager::Init(int resX, int resY, int bitDepth){
/// Initialize Window
sf::VideoMode VMode(resX, resY, bitDepth);
window.Create(VMode, "Title of the Game", sf::Style::Titlebar);

int newH = (1920*resY)/resX;
int displace = (newH - 1080)/(-2);

window.SetView(sf::View(sf::FloatRect(0, displace, 1920, newH)));
running = true;

So I have my game set up to draw things to a 1920 by 1080 space. This is assuming your game is widescreen mind you, otherwise you'd have to flip the math around. Since it *should* be too wide for different aspect ratios, we keep the desired width of the view as the draw space width. Then we calculate a height that would fit the user's aspect ratio:

resX/resY = 1920/t
resX(t) = 1920(resY)
t = [1920(resY)]/resX

Now there should be a black bar at the bottom but you'd most likely want to split that up. So what I do is calculate the difference in the new height (which should be bigger) and the draw height (1080 in this case) then divide it by negative two (negative so the camera moves the correct direction).

I've tested it with 5:4, 4:3, 16:9, and 16:10 resolutions and the display is always correct. [s]Now to fix the mouse when in windowed mode...[/s]

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