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[java] Quake style Mouse Behaviour

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Hi, Has anybody ever done a Quake style Mouse Behaviour? (MouseLook) I am currently trying. And I just cant get it to animate smoothly. If somebody has achieved this, please give me a hint. Here is my solution. I have also tried it different: Using the mousebehavior to update mouse data and a Wakeuponelapsedframes for updating the Viewport, but same outcome. The robot is a Robot class I use for positioning the mouse back to the center, when it is being moved. I checkd on this, the Robot.mouseMove take only about 0.1 ms to execute, so that shouldnt be the problem. public class SimpleMouse extends Behavior { public boolean isInitialized = false; public Point mousePosition = null; private WakeupOnAWTEvent wakeUpEvent = null; TransformGroup vp = null; Frame f = null; Transform3D rotX = null, rotY = null; public SimpleMouse(SimpleUniverse u, Frame f) { super(); this.vp = u.getViewingPlatform().getViewPlatformTransform(); this.f = f; rotX = new Transform3D(); rotY = new Transform3D(); f.setCursor(Cursor.CROSSHAIR_CURSOR); } public void initialize() { rotX.set(Transform3D.IDENTITY); rotY.set(Transform3D.IDENTITY); wakeUpEvent = new WakeupOnAWTEvent(MouseEvent.MOUSE_MOVED); setSchedulingBounds(new BoundingSphere(new Point3d(0.0, 0.0, 0.0), 1000d)); wakeupOn(wakeUpEvent); isInitialized = true; } public void processStimulus(Enumeration e) { while (e.hasMoreElements()) { //WakeupOnAWTEvent ev = (WakeupOnAWTEvent); if (e.nextElement() != wakeUpEvent) continue; AWTEvent[] events = wakeUpEvent.getAWTEvent(); for (int i = 0; i < events.length; i++) { if (events instanceof MouseEvent) { MouseEvent me = (MouseEvent)events[i]; mousePosition = me.getPoint(); processMouse(); } } } wakeupOn(wakeUpEvent); } private void processMouse() { Transform3D temp = new Transform3D(); //temp.set(Transform3D.IDENTITY); temp.rotX((f.getHeight() / 2 - mousePosition.y) * 0.0006d); rotX.mul(temp); //temp.set(Transform3D.IDENTITY); temp.rotY((f.getWidth() / 2 - mousePosition.x) * 0.0006d); rotY.mul(temp); //rotY.mul(rotX); Transform3D t = new Transform3D(); //vp.getTransform(t); //t.set(Transform3D.IDENTITY); t.mul(rotY); t.mul(rotX); vp.setTransform(t); MoveTest.robot.mouseMove(f.getX() + (f.getWidth() / 2), f.getY() + (f.getHeight() / 2)); } }

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