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FPS mouse view problem with framerate

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hey guys, im making a little first person shooter in C++ with GL and Ive got a problem with the mouse view.

I reset the mouse position to 400/300 (center of my 800x600 win) every frame and check how much it moved and rotate the camera acordingly, that works great.

game.camRot.x += MOUSESPEED*float(engine.mouse.x-400);

game.camRot.x -= MOUSESPEED*float(400-engine.mouse.x);

game.camRot.z += MOUSESPEED*float(engine.mouse.y-300);
if(game.camRot.z > 90) game.camRot.z = 90;

game.camRot.z -= MOUSESPEED*float(300-engine.mouse.y);
if(game.camRot.z < -90) game.camRot.z = -90;


engine.mouse and game.camRot are floats

the problem is, the mouse speed is dependant on the framerate... even tho it shouldnt
when moving objects I multiply their movement by 'deltaTime' so that they go faster if the framerate is lower.
but for the mouse I want it to always move at the same speed so that if I move 1inch on my mouse pad the view always rotate the same amount independant of the framerate.
I can't find whats wrong with my code, but the mouse is always slower when the framerate goes down, and multiplying by 'deltaTime' makes it even less stable.

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Might have something to do with the way you implemented your gameloop. Adjusting the speed of your gameplay based on the FPS of the client can cause your game to be unstable because of the way a computer has to round float values.

You may want to check this out :

Of course i am just assuming here because i have no idea how the rest of the game is programmed.

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