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Graphics in C++

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Hey all, I have been studying C++ for a while, and I have 2 books published in ''99 about C++, both of them give different ways to draw simple lines and circles. But none of them work, and I put exactly the same code im my compiler, which is MSVC++ 7.0 or something like that. and VC++ doesnt have the graphics.h library, does it use another library for graphics, or do I have to download it from some site. Any answers appreciated. Sincerely Me.

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MSVC++ 7.0 is out? If you want to make graphics, you should probably learn an API like OpenGL or Direct X.

I have searched for books that teach how to make graphics in C++ and unless you use the WinAPI, OpenGL, Direct X, or some other API, your probablu not going to find anything.

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The books your using probably won''t help much. If they do talk
about windows graphics it won''t realy be much to go on. Graphics
prog. is such a big topic that they require entire books of their
own. If You have C++ nailed down grab a book on directx or OpenGL.
A good book will have everything you need including the SDK. If
you can''t spend 50 to 70$ right now go and read the books at the
book store. You won''t have it at home or be able to use anything
on the CD but you will get a head start on what you need to know.
It might take a little while to let a few of the concepts sink in
so the sooner the better. Everyone here will probably tell you
the same thing, learn DirectX or OpenGL for graphics. You won''t
have any problem finding support on ether one pick one and dive in.

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Books for API''s:

OpenGL Game Programming for OpenGL, and Beggining Direct 3D Game Programming or The Zen of Direct 3D Game Programming for Direct X.

Check out the books at:

They are the best books around.

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The file "graphics.h" was part of an old and horrible graphics library called the BGI. It was only packaged as part of older Borland compilers, I'm not sure if the newer versions have it anymore. But, anyway, you don't want to use the BGI . Use a good API like OpenGL, DirectX, SDL, et cetera.

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