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Any freeware UI solutions?

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I'm currently using Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory SDK to develop mod and learn C coding.

Now I have stuck.Since the UI looks very ugly and not modern since it's based on Quake 3 engine.

I know theres Scaleform,but it costs a lot.

Are there any freeware UI solutions or some tutorials?
What talks about making better UI.Like border-radius...etc.


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To make a really nice looking HUD, you really just need a good artist.

If you're looking for free and good looking HUD, that's almost impossible as far as I know.

Your best bet it to minimize the menus with good game design (there are games without menus). If you map all of the functions to keys, eventually you can figure out clever ways to interpret player actions in different contexts.

Depends on what kind of game you're making, though.

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