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Distance Haze and cubemaps

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I have recently heard of a technique to have seamless blending between the terrain and the sky box using distance haze and a blurred cubemap of the skybox.

Is there any code or examples I can reference or perhaps someone can give a description of the algorithm? The only explanation I found was in WolfFire's blog on their Overgrowth game. Unfortunately he does not go into great detail as to how he achieved this.

I would be very thankful if anyone can help me or point me in the right direction.

Many many thanks for any help anyone can give me,

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I looked at the wolfire blog post and I think this it what they did.
  • blurr your skybox very strong radial around the up-axis
  • u can probably use the term distant fog instead of haze
  • then just apply fog to your geometry based on the distance
  • lookup the color of the fog from your blurred cubemap
  • finished

    as they also metioned, u can use the cubemap also for the ambient color in some way. So that the cubemap alone controls the enviroment lighting of your scene

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