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Lighting in a 3D, top-down game

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I'm working on this top-down shooter, where the world at the moment is basically separated into two VBO's. One is for the floor/ground, which is based on a heightmap, the other is for the walls and hills and other things of that nature that are used to restrict the player's movement. I don't know if this split actually makes any sense, but it's what I ended up going for because it made it very easy to do collision detection, and easily turned into a grid for pathfinding.

However, my main problem at the moment is the lighting. Let's say I want to put a light on one side of the level. This light should only light an area around it, and the light shouldn't go through walls. I only know the basics of shader programming, to the point that I can implement a basic blinn-phong shading model and directional lights, but have no idea how to actually make things like walls stop light from going through.

So in a nutshell, how do I make it so that the player can only see what's in front of him*? Also, walls should block line of sight to avoid adding xray vision to the player's powers.

*remember, this is a top-down game, so "in front of the player" means in the direction the player is looking, not where the camera is looking

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