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3ds max skin problem

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Hi there, not sure if this is the right section for this topic, but here goes:

I'm trying to write a script to transfer a skinned mesh from one CAT skeleton to an identical standard bone skeleton in 3ds Max. Everything is working fine for most meshes, however, I have one that is causing a problem:

After removing all of the CAT bones from the modifier, then adding the standard bones to it, everything is fine. Then, after reapplying the original weights, the mesh pops off with translation to the right of the skeleton. The weights are fine, but it's like the bind happened with the mesh in the wrong spot. When I disable the modifier, the mesh pops back to it's original position.

I'm new to Max, and this doesn't make a lot of sense to me. I've tried recreating a new skin modifier, and that works, but I have some other problems with the skinops interface doing it that way (skinops.getnumbervertices seems to return 0 always).

Anyone have any ideas?

Here's the code:

fn transferSkinToNewSkeleton skinnedObj: targetSuffix: =
if ((isKindOf skinnedObj Node) and
(classof targetSuffix == string) and
(hasSkinModifier skinnedObj == true)) then
prepareMaxForSkinOps skinnedObj
local s = skinnedObj.skin
local skinWeights = #(#())
local numBones = skinOps.getNumberBones s
local numVerts = skinOps.getNumberVertices s

-- build an indexed list of all bones currently in skin
-- include the skin weights for vertices in the same order
for vertID = 1 to numVerts do
local vertWeighting = #()
local numWeights = skinOps.getVertexWeightCount s vertID
--print ("vertex: " + (vertID as string) + ", numWeights: " + (numWeights as string))
for weightID = 1 to numWeights do
vertWeighting[weightID] = smVertexWeight()

local boneID = skinOps.getVertexWeightBoneID s vertID weightID
local boneName = skinOps.getBoneName s boneID 0
vertWeighting[weightID].boneNode = getNodeByName boneName
vertWeighting[weightID].weight = skinOps.getVertexWeight s vertID weightID
--print ("weight #" + (weightID as string) + ", bone: " + vertWeighting[weightID].boneNode.name + ", weight: " + (vertWeighting[weightID].weight as string))

skinWeights[vertID] = vertWeighting

-- get list of all bones
-- (NOTE: this should eventually be using something more sophisticated than searching by name)
local boneList = for boneID = 1 to numBones collect skinOps.getBoneName s boneID 0

-- remove the bones
print "removing all bones..."
for boneID = 1 to numBones do skinOps.removeBone s 1

-- I added this section to try to rebuild the skin modifier -- has problems because (skinOps.getNumberVertices s) returns 0, and we get an error when trying to reassign weights
maxOps.collapseNode skinnedObj true
addModifier skinnedObj (Skin())
s = skinnedObj.skin
prepareMaxForSkinOps skinnedObj

-- readd new bones
for boneID = 1 to boneList.count do
local targetBoneName = (boneList[boneID] + targetSuffix)
print ("adding bone: " + targetBoneName + " (boneID=" + (boneID as string) + ")")
local boneNode = getNodeByName targetBoneName -- hopefully we can find a corresponding bone!
skinOps.addBone s boneNode 1

-- s.weightAllVertices = true

print ("numVerts = " + ((skinOps.getNumberVertices s) as string))

-- rebuild skin modifier with new bones
for vertID = 1 to numVerts do
local numWeights = skinWeights[vertID].count
for weightID = 1 to numWeights do
local boneID = findItem boneList skinWeights[vertID][weightID].boneNode.name
skinOps.setVertexWeights s vertID boneID skinWeights[vertID][weightID].weight

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