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[assembly] storing bytes to an array

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I am making a program in assembly that reads a string of characters from the user and inserts it to a buffer of bytes. Then, the program has to search the buffer and copy some of the elements in a new array of bytes, depending on something that does not matter here.

The buffers are defined here:

.data # data segment
#.align 0

buffer: .byte 100 # stores input from the user
converted: .byte 100

The pseduocode for the loop is:
while he haven't reached the NULL character
if condition is true
store data in new buffer (converted)

Data is loaded to register $t3.
lb $t3, buffer($t0) # t0 is the counter that iterates through the 1st string ("buffer")
if condition is true
sb $t3, buffer($t1) ### PROGRAMS CRASHES HERE
increment $t1 by one # t1 shows the end of the second buffer
end if
increment $t0 by one

The program crashes at the commented line above. I am sure that there is the problem because when it's commented out the program runs.
What is the problem? Am I using "sb" in a wrong way?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I don't know anything about MIPS assembly programming, but here's what I would do: Write a tiny C function that does the same thing and compile it to assembly (option -S in gcc). You can then rewrite the function in your own style, but you can probably learn a lot from looking at a working example.

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