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Elements - PowderGame Clone - Java

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Hey guys im here to introduce [size="7"]ELEMENTS![/size]

[size="2"]Elements is a client version of the popular web game PowderGame(dust).
I decided to make it so i could just learn Slick and do something fun in the proccess.

Things that Elements has but PowderGame Doesnt:

Elements has a heat feature which can change a particles state eg: water into steam, oil into gas, ice into water.
Heat passes through particles as they touch.
Elements is FULLSCREEN (slickversion)
Elements has a Heat, Cool feature.
Elements is OFFLINE.

things that PowderGame has that Elements Doesnt:

PowderGame has more Particle Types.
PowderGame has a map sharing feature.
PowderGame has a better and faster way of doing collision etc.

There are two versions of Elements

1. Slick2D version:
the slick2d version is fullscreen, has better writing graphics and has the DRAG feature.
the slick2d version is slower(considerably) and you have to use the right mouse button to use heat/cool.
2 JavaAWT/SWING version:
Faster, Non- fullscreen, smaller size file(12kb).

I would recomend the AWT version but if you want a fullscreen i would go for SLICK2D version

Slick2D Version: [/size][url=""][/url]

AWT/SWING Version: [url=""][/url][size="2"]

mediafire links are on my blog :

Thanks for your time.


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