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how to learn openGL with java and LWJGL

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Well i started learning opengl with java and im using LWJGL but i dont see a good documentation neither good tutorials that i can learn how openGL actually works.

what im interested to read and learn is if i call glVertex2f what it does and why i call it, maybe a bit of how opengl and graphics work and a bit of graphics programing logic. i can notice that the names are similar to those in C++ but im worrying if they use pointers in C++ how im going to interpret them in java. i know red and blue books are very good but old a bit

im using java because we use it at university and even if i want to use C++ who know when i will leanr it well so that i can start openGL then

im only interested to learn graphics for the moment things such as shades render pipelines rendering algorithms and engines some GUI and input to control the application. as for physics and sound i will kip them now.

can you recommend a book to read and learn and since im also using linux Gentoo as distro or should i skip opengl and start DX but then i still have to learn C++.

im just a bit confused also. sorry for that but that's why im asking help

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