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Object and simple cad system

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I wish creating a professional aplication with a part like a simplified cad.
I saw some open source engine , that work with scenegraph like wild magic 5 , openscenegraph ogre ecc...
My problem is that I must render the object geometry with the material , but i must also visualize some charateristic in a simple GUI resulting from a piking for example.
and do some operation on the OBJECT from the gui.
The key for me is the OBJECT , an object have a geometric rapresentation , but have also some c++ data.
I think to add data like the meshes in a node (of the object) and work with the OBJECT nodes like the scenegraph.
How is best create the object with graphics and data caracteristic for you?
I think also to use the MVC pattern for this work but i'm a little confuse of the multitude of tecnologies that one can use.
I'm only sure that i work in c++.

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