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matrix instancing , can it be done ?

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i did some testing and found some horrible stuff and loss of fps in my engine.
did a text of 1000 model cubes with a texture on , all the same just differnt matrix
so i only send texture details and camera , once per render cycle , but still have to send the right matrix over, this gets me 40 fps

now if i only send the one it once like every thing else , i get 52 fps

thats not a practical soloution,

can a matrix be sent over via instancing , so i only use one draw call but send over 1000 matrix's in a call, ie instanceing

or can you not send over matrixs. if you can can you point me in the right direction please

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You should be able to use instancing, but without knowing what graphics API you're using, no one can give you specifics. Also, if your cubes are all sized and oriented the same way, you only need to send a position per instance, which would save you some bandwidth.

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