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Champions of Odin "First Look"

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Here is a "First Look" of some early gameplay for the upcoming title "Champions of Odin", being developed by Hybris Studios. I added a link to our IndieGoGo campaign where we are raising money for development costs, the video is posted. We hope you enjoy the video, and tell us what you think!

p.s. All contributions are greatly appreciated!

IndieGoGo Campaign and Gameplay Video:


Company Website:


Our Story

My name is Raffaele Mele, I am the CEO of an indie game development company named Hybris Studios. We are a small team of artists and programmers that are really dedicated to making great games. We are not being funded by a large publishing company so we have full creative direction for all of our games. The downside is that we aren't being funded, but with the help of people such as yourself we can finish our project!
Our Game:

[size="5"]Champions Of Odin

We are creating a video game called "Champions Of Odin". The game is a first person, fantasy, player vs player arena game. The game focuses completely on skill with no auto attacks or aiming. The matches are 4 vs 4, and are played on one of the game levels chosen at random. Players pick their champion from a choice of 6, and enter the online matchmaking system. Champions of Odin is a game of teamwork and strategy because each champion has a special role in the group. There are healers, tanks, (person who absorbs damage) magic users and melee (combat) fighters. The game is unique because of the combination of the first person view with the skill based fighting system. Feel free to check out our website below.


The Impact
When an independent game studio such as Hybris Studios creates a hit game it strongly affects the gaming industry. It gives the fans of the gaming industry new, innovative titles that wouldn't have been published by top game studios. Published game studios tend to stay away from "risky" or unproven game models because there is a risk of losing all of the capital invested, this is why indie game development has such an exciting advantage. Without the worry of losing a publishing contract, indie game studios can go out on a limb and create unique niche games for the public to enjoy.
<br style="font-style: italic;">

What We Need & What You Get
We need to purchase a server to host online matches, and contract a developer to code in the server. The server we are investing in costs 2000 USD, and contracting a developer will cost 1500 USD. Additional art assets and GUI development will cost another 1500 USD, for a total of 5000 USD. This is will ensure that the game will enter a stable, playable state and will open for public beta testing.

We have organized a set of rewards for all of you that help fund:

1) Free copy of the game to all backers. We will provide all future updates, features and expansion packs free of charge for all backers. The business model for the game relies strongly on in game purchases and the purchases of expansion packs and special features. Because of this, followers can be assured there will be plenty of content freely available to them.

2) All backers’ names will be included on a Special Thanks page on the game’s website. In addition, when the game server is live, a server wide “Thanks for your support __________ & __________” message including 2 different backers daily, will be posted upon entry of them game.

3) Chance for the game levels to be named after a backer. (chosen at random) Example: Anna Smith is a backer, game level is called “City of Annavelle”.

4) Free e-book with a behind the scenes tour of the making of the game, complete with pictures and special thanks from myself.

5) Chance for in game items to be named after a backer. Example: Jona Smith is a backer, item is called "Fire sword of Jona".

Please see our "Perks" for information regarding the pricing of the rewards.

Other Ways You Can Help
Tell all of your friends about the game and our IndieGoGo Campaign! We need all the help we can get and that doesn't stop once we are funded. We need as many people as possible to sign up for beta testing when the server is up, so tell all of your friends to check out our website and e-mail HybrisArt@live.com to sign up for the beta! Thanks everybody!

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