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Object space to world space

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I understand that object's space origin is local to the object.
But how do I convert that into world coordinates?
enough to do this?
If not, what is the target transformation matrix that I should be after?
How do I go about constructing a world transformation matrix out of nothing?

I've come up with an idea and not sure if this is correct.
The object basically has a world Vector, I make a matrix from that. And multiply the local position of the part of the object i'm after to get the world transformation . Sounds correct?

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Usually you provide each object with a position, rotation, and possibly a scale value, and then use those properties to create a world matrix. If you are unclear about this process, I would suggest taking a look through the [url=""]Cg Tutorial[/url] which provides a nice entry level description of the process (plus lots of other stuff too).

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