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New Composer - DjjD Studios

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Hey all, I think...this is where I'm supposed to put this...right?

Anyway, I've never been on here before...but, I'm always looking to do something for any type of media...figure...what's the harm in spreading a little more shameless self-promotion...

...ok, that comes off as purely unprofessional...lemme start over.


My name's Jacob Diaz and I've been working on learning digital audio workstations...for the better part of 2-3 years. I have come to realize that I've joined quite a few communities in that time...watching, learning and praising artists who've successfully land great jobs...and while I always think that I can create something great, I'm determined to push myself to learning more and more about sound design and music composition. I'd love to hear anyone's opinion...and any pointers would be great.

I just need....a starting point or a push in the right direction. Thanks. :)

-Jacob Diaz
DjjD Studios

P.S. I've provided a few samples along with a link at the bottom here.

Link: [url=""][/url]

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