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Formula in Advanced Character Physics Paper

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I've never quite _fully_ finished a verlet particle physics system based on this paper. I always get stuck on the Rigid Bodies section on page 3. Specifically when he's going through and deriving a formula for separating a constraint that has collided with a wall, it doesn't make sense to me. He eventually defines a symbol 'lambda' as:
However, delta is defined earlier in _this_ section as (q-p)

So wouldn't that be delta*delta... and wouldn't that cancel out with the bottom delta^2 to just: lambda = 1/(0.75^2+0./25^2) ? (Ofcourse with actual variables instead of constants for 0.75 and 0.25)

Do note that q and p are vectors, so the dot is a dot product... but the same rules still apply right?

This is the paper:
Though note that some of the symbols are messed when not in an image.
This copy of it has all the symbols even in the text:

I'd very much appreciate any clarification or explanation anyone could provide. This has been a stumbling block for me for several years.

James Newman

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