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Python game - Hangman

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Hey guys

I am in my first year in university, and this is my second game program in python in 2 months of python.
I feel satisfied by this program (from what I've learnt and from my expectations)
But need some advice from all you guys.
How efficient is this program ?
Also, please advise oh how can I add a 'visual hangman' in this program.

Positive feedback is much appreciated :)


import random #for random.choice
guess=[] #null list
trial=int(0) #for keeping track of guessess
counter=int(0) #keeping track of position of element in list (if found)

for i in range(len(original)): #creating the '_ _**....' list
if (original=='A') or (original=='E') or (original=='I') or (original=='O') or (original=='U'):
guess.append("*") #* for vowels
guess.append("_")#_ for all other alphabets

print guess

while trial<9:
userinput=str.upper(raw_input('Input : '))

if len(userinput)>1: #checking for multiple characters
print 'Error : Input only a single character'

if userinput in original:

while userinput in temp: #loop for checking redundant characters


for i in range(0,len(temp)): #checking for final guess match with original
if temp=='_':

if counter==len(original): #if guess matches original
print 'Correct\t', guess
print 'You Win !'

print 'Correct\t' , guess , '\tTrials left: ', (9-trial)

print 'Incorrect', '\tTrials left: ', (9-trial)
print 'You Lose !'
print 'Correct answer was\t', original

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A tiny side note just to remember when coding in python - variables that are assigned integers do not need the integer type specified; Python defaults all integer references as regular integers, so you don't have to say 'variable = int(number)', you can just say 'variable = number'. If you add a decimal at the end of the number, it converts to a float.

Also, your question, "how efficient is this program" - very efficient. Could it be more efficient? Yes. Does it need to be? No. It's a very simple script and I'm pretty sure a 33 mHz computer with 8 mb of ram on Windows 95 would execute this program with an almost unnoticeable difference in performance than with a 6-core 3.4Ghz/16 GB ram machine.


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Lastly, if you really want to know where the slow points are, get a python profiler that profiles line-by-line (there probably is one, but don't quote me in that - I have only a little familiarity with Python).

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Thank you all for your replies !

Special thanks to Zahlman for that comprehensive reply !
Really helped a lot !

Please keep them coming ! :)

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I'm a programming newbie. But, I thought I'd add some non-programming advice.

When you start the program, you're confronted with some funny-looking symbols an a command line: "input." The user isn't even told they are playing hangman. You might say something like, print "Welcome to Hangman! Guess a letter. You have X wrong guesses. If you guess all the letters in the word before your guesses run out, you win!"

Also, were you looking for ASCII art? Here is a very simple hangman (the white space will display incorrectly):

|/ |
| (_)
| /|\
| |
| / \

When we were kids, you had seven guesses, one for each letter of hangman. We'd draw the rope/noose, head, body, left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg and write each letter of hangman under the gallows for each wrong guess.

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