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Unexplainable Change of Texture Colour

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I am doing colour picking of a textured object.

Picking works fine, but when I do this...


// Apply the colour mask for colour picking

// Draw the textured object 1st time

// Read the colour mask


// Draw the textured object 2nd time - this time without the colour mask
(unfortunately, it has to be drawn twice within a single frame, as otherwise flashing of the colour mask ensues)

...then the flashing of the colour mask does not happen, but the texture of object changes colour slightly (i.e. darkens slightly) and stays like this from now on (i.e. [i]does not[/i] flash between former lighter colour and later dark colour).

Anybody any idea why is this happening and how I can stop the darkening of texture ?

I have tried everything and now I am at my wits' end.

Obviously this renders the whole colour picking method unusable :(

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