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Which site to send potential clients to

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So I have a soundcloud, vimeo, youtube, a website, a smaller demo website and Im debating what to link potential clients to when I email them.

Some people like a direct link through vimeo or youtube to a demo reel because there is no navigation necessary. It's a single click, one thing to watch, and they are done.

Soundcloud is similar as it needs minimal interaction but sometimes I see a long playlist and think "ugh, i dont know if I want to listen to all this right now" and just skip it. BUT it does give a chance to show more variety of work.

My website shows me as a brand and looks the most professional but you have to click on things so it requires more attention. The demo site seems to be obsolete now that I updated my site to the look I want. Before my website was a dumping ground for EVERYTHING I did but now Im really happy with the front page and happy enough with the content if they dig deeper.

Right now Im thinking about linking my website AND soundcloud. Maybe you guys could take a look and let me know what you think?


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Normally I'd suggest sending a direct link to an embedded video. I've had several colleagues grip that they get web site links from people, but then they have to navigate/search for the demo material, which often they don't have the time (or inclination) to do.

However your website is quite clean, with a demo sitting right there in front of them, so I'd agree--send them right to your home page.

Brian Schmidt
Executive Director, GameSoundCon

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