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Character Stats Screen/GUI

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Out of all the RPGs you''ve played (classic or contemporary), what one had the best character stats screen (may or may not include inventory)? Judge it on appearance, ease of use, collation of data, whatever. Just give me some reasons Oh, and why? I''m redesigning mine. At the moment it''s sorta like Hoshigami''s, but since it''s pretty much the only in game screen, I want it perfect. And for all you ppl out there who have expressed opinions about hiding specifics on character stats, sorry to disappoint you They''re in there ...
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Final Fantasy Tactics - it has context sensitive help which explains any stat/skill/item/job in detail to you, but the menus to navigate through the different tables are somewhat unlogical.

Build in context sensitive help in your game. Btw are you building an RPS/SRPG?

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