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Did I spill any on my microcontroller? Humans must surrender to My Escape's latest game, DA NUM NUMS.

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[size="4"][color="#757575"][font="Georgia,"]Earlier this year, My Escape’s designer, Duane Beckett, was plagued by dreams of robots devouring humans with no end in sight. With this continuous and nightmarish onslaught, he could only find one way to purge the mechanical demons – design a game about feeding robots for points. The team now calls for help to feed Metal Mick, our insatiable protagonist in Da Num Nums, My Escape’s third micro title.[/font][/color]
[size="4"][color="#757575"][font="Georgia,"][color="#000000"][color="#757575"]With this browser-based game that requires nothing but a left mouse-button and the desire to flick and feed, the team assures that it is addictive and fun when one starts to get on a roll. Features include:[/color]

[color="#757575"]• Simple to learn, but tough to master mechanics[/color][/color][/font][/color]
[color="#757575"][font="Georgia,"][color="#000000"][color="#757575"]• Three difficulty levels to welcome all skill levels[/color][/color][/font][/color]
[color="#757575"][font="Georgia,"][color="#000000"][color="#757575"]• Competitive leader board to track your progress[/color]

[color="#757575"]Created using Flash/Actionscript and Box 2D Physics Engine, [url=""][b]Da Num Nums[/b][/url] is now available to play.[/color]

[color="#757575"]My Escape’s plans have kept them busy. As the group looks to make more fun and peculiar-themed games in the future, their trajectory takes them through the end of this year to work on three more titles with guest artists, programmers and studios. This includes:[/color]

[color="#757575"]• A collaboration with [url=""][b]kosabi games[/b][/url] programmer, Albert Schapiro, to port a new and improved iOS version of their cube-stacking game, [/color][/color][/font][/color][color="#757575"][font="Georgia,"][color="#000000"][color="#757575"][url=""][b]Critter Cubes[/b][/url][/color][/color][/font][/color][/size][color="#757575"][font="Georgia,"][color="#000000"][size="4"][color="#757575"]
• A harkening back to Krong that will include both a fully-designed game as well as level editor for players to build and share their creations. Dave Rigley’s partner in crime, Cindy Blakney, will be joining us as Krong’s primary artist.
• An original title, codenamed Shiny Shiny Loot Loot, that will be built for iOS devices with Chicago-based programmer, Bill Korbecki[/color]

[color="#757575"]For more information about My Escape or future games, please contact George Hufnagl, Audio Designer and Producer at or visit our website at [url=""][b][/b][/url].[/color][/size]


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