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What Tool's are you using for Level Development?

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Hello there.
Just curious to find out what tool's your using for building up your levels.
I use 3DSMax 2012 yet I find it annoying to use when trying to reach small places to define detail .
Does anyone else have software they recommend for this?

I'm currently working in Unity3D - it seem's to be a popular engine now.

Google SketchUp seems fairly popular as well...I find that model's exported to DAE format to be broken.There split up into hundreds of elements and Is a real bugger to unwrap - to the point where the model is unusable (this is on 3DSMax).

Really I'm more of a programmer then an artist...I find 3D work boring(maybe because I suck at it).
Anyway...thats me done.
it would be great for some opinions...

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