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PhysX efficient use of triangle meshes?

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Right now I am exporting a level I made in 3DS max and having all the triangles in the scene be one giant triangle mesh. I'm not exactly sure if this is the most efficient usage of PhysX's triangle mesh feature. I was using Bullet Physics before and they had a BVh triangle mesh. From what I understand, PhysX uses an 8x8 uniform 3D grid for it's triangle meshes and has some prebake step.

Do I need to worry about having my ENTIRE static level geometry being one giant 3D triangle mesh? It seems to work very fast with character controllers and objects flying around. This would be for large sized levels for a first person shooter. Does the prebake step take care of it and make everything efficient for me? I can't find too much info on this anywhere, I just have the documentation. Things seem to work pretty well now as it is, but my computer isn't exactly a slow peice of crap either.

Also what is a good polycount for a triangle mesh. My level geometry can get pretty detailed at times and I might have to have substitute meshes made for the collision detection that replace the visual polygons.

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