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[web] WebGL low level library wanted

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What I'd really like, is a low level WebGL library which provides some (approximate) equivalents of the operations that we had under OpenGL 1, a fragment shader which approximates (at least some of) the OpenGL 1 fixed pipeline, and a vertex shader which approximates the OpenGL1 transformation system, and some of the glu functions.

Basically, I'd really like to be able to do things like we can in OpenGL 1:

the matrix functions

And parameters
Lighting functions
something equivalent to the texture functions (gltexcoord, gltexmode etc)

I realise that these things are all POSSIBLE now, but that they effectively require writing shaders and setting shader variables instead of the fixed-pipeline way. It is more complicated :)

I don't think it's necessarily a good idea for such a library to duplicate exactly the ogl1 transform, lighting and texture model, but something reasonable which is easy to use.


What I don't want is some complicated rendering library or game-engine which takes over everything.

Any ideas?


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i am doing webgl for a while now.

If you still want to stay low level and no fancy engines/frameworks you can use glMatrix (i use: glMatrix-0.9.5.min.js atm) just google it, it provides alot of primairy vec3, mat3, mat4 and quad functions, have heard this library is the fastest around. It also provides perspective, frustum lookat, ortho

Futher on you got the fancy engines/frameworks like: C3DL, Copperlicht, GLGE, SceneJS, Three.js and LOTS more (http://ffwd.typepad.com/blog/2011/04/webgl-what-flavor-is-your-engine.html)

Good lessons at: learningwebgl.com (and a good blog with links to other projects on the web around webgl)

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