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How to unregister a key framed animationset

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According to the MS doc, only LPD3DXANIMATIONSET can be released by UnregisterAnimationSet.
The closest i can get is UnregisterAnimation.
However, What i need is to unregister the animation set, otherwise i cannot continue to add new animation sets to the controller. The space is sparse. Any lights?

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The UnregisterAnimationSet method is not in the animation sets to begin with - it is a method of the animation controller.

EDIT: The keyframed animation set does have its own UnregisterAnimation method, but it merely removes animation data from the set itself. The controller's UnregisterAnimationSet is an unrelated method that takes in pointer to any interface that derives from the base animation set, and removes it from the animation system regardless of the final type of the set (as long as it derives from ID3DXAnimationSet).

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