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[win32 quick question] Alt+Enter produces beep sound..why?

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Everytime I press enter while holding alt, I got the beep sound(the classical Windows one)..
Any link on msdn where I can read about why and how I can work arround this? A quick search didnt help me

The thing is, Im processing it (with GetAsyncKeyState), that beep is annoying and feels like an error..I believe the beep is due not processing the command in the windows proc..? Not sure..

at the winproc:

case WM_MENUCHAR://identify alt+enter, make it not beep since Im handling it:

if( LOWORD(wParam) & VK_RETURN )
return MAKELRESULT(0, MNC_CLOSE);//MNC_CLOSE (close the menu), is going fullscreen anyway..


;D solved

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