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Pete Michaud

Working pygame projects, looking for critique

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I've written two pygame projects in Python 3 over the last couple days because I want to learn Python and pygame. I've made them opensource and commented them SUPER HEAVILY, explaining pretty much everything in detail, so that other people can use it for future reference.

What I'd like is comments about how I could make things better / more "pythonic" / more efficient.

The first project is pyOrganism, and it just simulates a society of organisms that move around and make babies and the like. The source exists in one file that you can view here:

The second is called pyMaze and is a little more complex. It generates a maze from scratch using the DFS algorithm, and allows the player to push a cursor around the maze until they reach a goal. It also uses images for tiles instead of just colors like in pyOrganism

It's also a simple program but I split this one up into separate files for each class:

So again, what can be improved? I don't eally know the correct way to include a lot of files, or how to handle configuration values or anything, so any tips you have would be awesome.

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Don't everyone pile on at once!

Haha, no, actually I got some really good help over at reddit, so look if you want, but it's pretty close to "finished"--I know it's not 100% ideal, but I think it's helpful for people anyway.

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