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Game genre choice?

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Hey all - thought I might ask this question before myself and a friend make any hard and fast decisions about making a game.

First, you should know that my friend and I are not new to programming. We have both been programming as part of our university degrees over the past four years. I feel comfortable with both C and Java and have dabbled in C++ and Python. My friend is comfortable with these languages too but has used a lot more Python than myself because he focused on higher level programming like graphics, etc while my experience was more focused on embedded systems.

We are both going back to do postgraduate study next year and it seems that our workloads will be a bit smaller so we have decided we need a pet project next year - a game. At present we think that we will use C# so we will have to learn that up before we do much. We are also both relatively new to game development so I looked around the internet to see what genre we should choose and I found this place and thought I might ask what genre might be appropriate for us. I am keen for an RTS but my friend thinks this could be too complex and thinks a turn based strategy could be better suited. That said, we are both open to other genre suggestions if these seem too difficult or whatever.

If I haven't provided enough information then let me know and I'll try to fill you in better.

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