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Weird compilation errors...

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Ok, so I wasn't quite sure where to put this, so let me first give some background info to further detail the problem.

I am working on a mostly C++ 2D game engine for the Android OS. As most of you know, the Android OS uses Java as its language of choice, so I am making heavy use of the JNI and the Android NDK. Now, I got all of the hooks working right, so I know the JNI is working correctly, and each of the individual C/C++ libraries I am making use of compiles without error. My problem comes when I try to reference Lua (luabind seems to work fine, but I won't know for sure until I get passed the Lua side of things) from my own code. I get the following compilation errors when I do so:

I have done a lot of searching on the error the last few days, but I haven't been able to come up with anything at all. It seems to be a linking issue rather than a compilation issue, as it doesn't come up until everything is finished compiling. Here is the make file I am using for the troublesome code:

LOCAL_PATH := $(call my-dir)

include $(CLEAR_VARS)


SDL_PATH := ../sdl

$(LOCAL_PATH)/../luabind \

# Add your application source files here...

#LOCAL_SRC_FILES := $(SDL_PATH)/src/main/android/SDL_android_main.cpp \
# main.cpp \

LOCAL_SRC_FILES := $(SDL_PATH)/src/main/android/SDL_android_main.cpp \
main.cpp \
Animation.cpp \
Node.cpp \
Renderer.cpp \
GameObject.cpp \
Video.cpp \
Texture2D.cpp \
Globals.cpp \


LOCAL_CPPFLAGS := -fexceptions


I should note that I am not very experienced with make files, so there is a great possibility that it is something wrong in that "code,"

I am really not sure what exactly to add code-wise, but I suppose I will post the code that I have narrowed the problem down to.

#include "Globals.h"
#include "SDL.h"
#include "Script.h"
#include "GameObject.h"
extern "C"
int main(int argc, char *argv[])

return 0;

init_lua() and free_lua() are declared in Globals.h and defined in Globals.cpp, and are simply a wrapper for lua_open() and lua_close() using a global lua_State pointer that is also declared in Globals.h.

I should also mention that if I remove the two methods from the main function, it compiles fine.

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That's what I was thinking, but it's odd. I specify in my Application.mk (which the Android NDK says to name it) that I want the compilation to us GNU STL. stdc++ is includeded in the STL library, right? Or am I mistaken?

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It seems I was wrong. According to wiki

The C++ Standard Library is based upon conventions introduced by the [color="#0645ad"]Standard Template Library (STL). Although the C++ Standard Library and the STL share many features, neither is a strict superset of the other.

I will try explicitly specifying to link with the stdc++ library.

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