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[web] Facebook integration in silverlight

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I'm trying to implement facebook authentification to my silverlight application. I got everything set up on facebook and the application is already connected there.
While searching for some samples about how to manage that I didn't found any example which doesn't use an asp.net host application. Is there a way to actually manage this without having a windows server running...?

I found one example for Silverlight apps, but this one is only for Silverlight apps running out of browser, because of the Webbrowser-Control not working in-browser. ( http://blog.prabir.me/post/Facebook-CSharp-SDK-Writing-your-first-Facebook-Application.aspx ).

What I have so far is basically everything provided in that link, except the part where the browser comes in:

public string accesstoken;

public MainPage()

void LoginToFacebook()
string appId = "app_id_here";
string[] extendedPermissions = new[] { "publish_stream", "offline_access" };

var oauth = new FacebookOAuthClient() { AppId = appId };
var parameters = new Dictionary<string, object>
{ "response_type", "code" },
{ "display", "popup" }

if (extendedPermissions != null && extendedPermissions.Length > 0)
var scope = new StringBuilder();
scope.Append(string.Join(",", extendedPermissions));
parameters["scope"] = scope.ToString();

var loginUrl = oauth.GetLoginUrl(parameters);

void oauth_GetApplicationAccessTokenCompleted(object sender, FacebookApiEventArgs e)

I hope you can help me :(


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