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Asking advise for tile-based, isometric JavaScript engine

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I'm about to start my first JavaScript game project. Everything about it isn't clear or planned at this point, but I'm going to need isometric tiles and I need to interact with them by keyboard and mouse.

I decided to start by creating the engine, since I know the basic features I need and I couldn't find any free engines that would suit my needs. First I'd implement drawing the terrain and moving some objects there, then I'd create a simple map editor. Then I'd plan the game more and think of more specific features I'm going to need and implement them (like sprite animation and effects)

Now the first thing I want to ask is: How much complexity it would add, if I wanted to have tiles of varying height, as seen here? It isn't absolutely necessary to have it, but it would give me a lot more freedom when I'm creating the actual game. While drawing them isn't a big issue, just a bit of offset, I'm afraid dealing with tile selection by mouse and moving characters from lower tiles to higher tiles could get pretty complex, opposed to just flat terrain with a little higher tiles as obstacles.

The second question is that should I use Canvas or WebGL to draw the game? While Canvas is better supported across the browsers and easier to use, would WebGL have any big advantages in games like this?

And the third question is that does anyone know any good learning resources for things like this? I'm pretty experienced in JavaScript and I've built some rather big projects with jQuery, but they are usually related to just manipulating DOM. Drawing stuff on Canvas or with WebGL is something I'm not experienced in.

I found a pretty neat isometric javascript game engine tutorial by Glacial Flame, it was a good resource and I learned a lot from it, but it's pretty much everything I found and it doesn't address the issue of different height levels in the terrain or using WebGL instead of Canvas and it's kind of static compared to the approach I'm going for, with proper "class" structure that's easy to extend.

Thanks for reading through this, any help is appreciated. I'll check this thread a couple times a day and if you have any questions you need answers for in order to help, I'll try to answer them :)

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