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Help with Autonomous Vehicle Control

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Hi, i am new to game development and i am just trying to build a small application that will simulate vehicle traffic.
I load in the road details from a file, where the roads represent as polygons, and i need to make the vehicles go through the polygons following road rules.
From the info i gathered from internet, i think i should use a navigation mesh representation of the map, and use fuzzy logic's for vehicle movement.

Initial design i worked through was without using a navigation mesh and just a list of trapezoids where the parallel lines of the trapezoid are the sides of the road, and
i store these details in each vehicle:
1. how far are they from the center line of the trapezoid (middle of the road. the value is absolute)
2. the distance from the start of the segment
3. the direction of the vehicle

Using these information i make the vehicles to overtake speed up speed down, que and various other tasks.
But the problem is sticking to a trapezoid cannot be done cause the input contains some segments that are not trapezoid.
The only way to represent them is as polygons as far as i see.

I just want to hear some ideas from you guys on what i should do, (a bit detailed would be nice cause im kinda of a noob on this).

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