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OpenGL mouse

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I tried to drew a square in the mouse position.
I got from the wndproc the position of the mouse.
the problam that my room's size is (640,480)
and the ogl room is (13.0f, 13.0f).

so when I got from the windows the position of the mouse I can't use it in the OpenGl room...

to fix the problem I tried this code:
xPos = xPos/(640.0f/13.0f)-6.5f;
yPos = -yPos/(480.0f/13.0f) +6.5f;

Now it works, the square is in the position mouse...
but it has a litlle [font="Arial,"]deviation.[/font][font="Arial,"]..[/font]
[font="Arial,"] [/font]
[font="Arial,"]as the mouse closer to the edge of the window, the deviation became bigger...[/font]
[font="Arial,"]In the middle of the window, it doesn't have deviation...[/font]
[font="Arial,"] [/font]
[font="Arial,"]someone know what's wrong with my code?[/font]
[font="Arial,"]know other way to do it?[/font]
[font="Arial,"] [/font]
[font="Arial,"]thanks a lot[/font]

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Whats the "room"? is it the window size? I think the titlebar sometimes gets included in the height. Does this deviation occur on both axis(up/down, left/right) or only up/down. If its just up/down then it might be the titlebars height. You could then account for that (subtracting it from your height (480).

You could also change the projection to be more appropriate - instead of being 13/13 it could be 640/480.

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room, I mean the rendering size I don't know what it's name...

glTranslatef(0.0f, 0.0f, -13.0f);
glBegin(GL_POLYGON); //create polygon
glVertex3f( xPos-0.6, yPos-0.5, 0.0f); //down left
glVertex3f( xPos-0.6, yPos+1.5, 0.0f); //up left
glVertex3f( xPos+0.6, yPos+1.5, 0.0f); //up right
glVertex3f( xPos+0.6, yPos-0.5, 0.0f); //down right

because the gltransltef,
when I write the -13.0f
it maked the room 13.0f*13.0f
that what I mean is room size...

[color="#1C2837"]I don't understand how to use this function...
[color="#1C2837"]can you give an exmpale?
[color="#1c2837"]and it's happand in all the 4 sizes

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