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Masters Degree in MIT

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Hello guys.

Being a student from Brazil, currently writing my final project for college, having finished all classes, I have been thinking about pursuing a masters degree. I have always dreamed with MIT, as knowledge and studying are some of the few things I'm passionate about.

I have been reading about MIT's masters programs, and several programs interest me, specially:[font="Verdana"]

[color="#DE6C27"]System Design and Management (SDM)[color="#333333"]The System Design and Management (SDM) program offers a master’s degree jointly awarded by the MIT School of Engineering and the MIT Sloan School of the Management. Built on a foundation of core courses in system architecture, systems engineering, and system and project management, SDM starts with technically grounded professionals and prepares them to be holistic systems thinkers, innovators, and leaders working in a wide range of organizations.

  • [color="#333333"]Degree received [color="#333333"]: Master of Science in Engineering and Management
  • Type of program: professional[/quote][/font]
    [color="#DE6C27"]Technology and Policy Program (TPP)[color="#333333"]The Technology and Policy Program (TPP) strives to develop leaders who can create, refine, and implement responsible policies that are informed not only by an understanding of technology and its instruments, but also by the broad social contexts that both shape and are shaped by technology. The curriculum is grounded in the goal of providing a dual competency: strength both in a technical field and in the policy process, combining a core in engineering or the natural sciences with studies in applied social sciences. TPP’s graduates are equipped to be effective leaders in both the public and private sectors.

    • [color="#333333"]Degree received: Master of Science in Technology and Policy
    • Type of program: research-based
      [font="Verdana"] [/font]And specially:

      [color=#DE6C27][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Academics | Master of Science Degree in Engineering Systems (ESD SM)[/font][color=#333333][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]The ESD SM is a path for promising students, who do not have an academic interest in policy, to obtain a master’s level education in engineering systems (students with an interest in policy see TPP). Often these students are prospective PhD students whose research interests are not a match for one of ESD’s established Master’s Programs and who are interested in acquiring research experience to strengthen their application to the PhD Program.[/font]

      [color=#333333][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]The engineering systems master of science degree option also serves students in four other categories:[/font]

      • it is the engineering SM for many LGO students,
      • it can serve as the home for students interested in the Human-Systems Engineering track,
      • it can serve as the home for students interested in the Health Care Systems track,
      • and it can serve as a dual degree for MIT graduate students wishing to broaden their research into the examination of an engineering systems problem.

        I'm not thinking that "OMG THIS WILL GIVE ME A GAMEDEV JOB!!!", but I feel like theres just so much to learn, and I want to learn!
        What I am really wondering about is my graduation. I have been through a short term graduation in Brazil, a 3 year school. Based on that, I supposed I will be completely ignored, am I right? My English is pretty decent, having been self taught > 95%, so I think that it is not going to be a problem on a daily basis. I have considered going to a 4 year school, in order to cut a few classes that I have already taken, and get a degree, but that I doubt Ill be able to cut close to 50% of the classes, so I'm not really sure of what to do. Do you guys think that this would help me being accepted?

        Just a little extra infor about me, if anyone cares:
        I am currently a professional web dev, and have been for 1 year and a half, but have been inside the game development world since I was around 12 (9 years ago), and have been involved on my main game project for about 3 years now. In the first 2 years I was focused on doing side projects, small games, learning my way through serious game development. On the last year I began investing on developing my own 2d engine using XNA, and have been working on it ever since, while going through college, working and mindlessly playing online games.

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This is really something that depends on the admissions staff at MIT. Have you tried contacting them directly? I found them very helpful (once upon a time, many years ago), so I'd say give that a shot. They're much more likely to be able to help with your specific situation than anyone here :-)

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