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Energy Island Conquest - Beta 2.2

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Video slightly older version

This is the latest version of my WIP game Energy Island Conquest, any and all feedback welcome?

You can play the game here http://www.kongregat...-conquest-beta2

The Droid Armaments Corporation (TM) has taken over the world, humans are nearing extinction.

The human resistance is fighting back, thanks to genetic engineering and high speed 3D bio printing we can mass produce Marine Commando shock troops to take the fight back to the metal heads.

Meat boys attack!

  • Star wars laser blasts
  • Bollywood particle effect explosions
  • WASP high speed attack craft
  • Evil droid hover tanks
  • Nasty droid armoured turrets
  • Energizing power plants needed for the resistance

    Join the revolution because we need more Cyber Marines!

    • Travel the world!
    • Get your adrenalin fix every day!
    • Super fast promotion guaranteed!
    • Great pay if you survive long enough!

      Any and all feedback welcome!

      Thank You

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The game looks very neat and polished. The gameplay however looks extremely slow, I mean you are shooting lasers but you are moving at about the same rate as a snail. I will give your game a try tonight. Either way, congrats on completing a game you should be proud.

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