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How a level map acquires physics in ActionScript?

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[font="Comic Sans MS"]Hello to everyone,[/font]

[font="Comic Sans MS"]I am using [b]Away3d[/b] along with [b]JiglibFlash[/b] and [b]Blender[/b]. What I am trying to do is create a mini-golf game.[/font]

[font="Comic Sans MS"]Now, having created a course in Blender and loaded it successfully into Away3d (through [b]Prefab3d[/b]), my[/font]
[font="Comic Sans MS"]question is this:[/font]
[list][*]How do I go about loading the level model into JiglibFlash so as to make the ball collide with the floor and side walls of the course?[/list]
[font="Comic Sans MS"]For example, if I want to load an orange, given that I have created the [b][/b], I do something like this:[/font]
[list][*][font="Comic Sans MS"]var orange:Orange = new Orange();[/font][*][font="Comic Sans MS"]var jOrange:JSphere = new JSphere(new Away3dMesh(orange), orange.radius);[/font][/list][font="Comic Sans MS"]
And, now the [b]jOrange[/b] object can be manipulated as a [b]RigidBody[/b]. However, this is a straightforward match between the [b]Orange[/b] and the [b]JSphere[/b],[/font]
[font="Comic Sans MS"]as an orange is a sphere.[/font]

[font="Comic Sans MS"]But, what about a level that is a complicated model? [b]Do I have to divide it into sections and create distinct RigidBodies for every section?[/b][/font]
[font="Comic Sans MS"][b]
[font="Comic Sans MS"]Thank you very much for your answers.[/font]

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