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Why less Polys in BSP?

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Hi, I am just wondering if anyone can explain to me why you should have less polys in BSP than you can with a mesh. I don''t understand why its slower if you use the same amount of polys? Also whats the ratio of BSP polys vs. Mesh polys to keep the same speed when the player is running it. Basically what I am asking is: 1 BSP poly=how many Mesh Polys in order to keep same speed in both cases. Just an estimate. Not sure if I made much sense. Thanks in advance

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The fastest method depends on the situation.

For indoor buildings BSP''s should be faster than a regular mesh, because the PVS culls out everything that isn''t visible, and a regular mesh would just draw everything brute force.

For small buildings that where you can see everything you might be better off just drawing the entire mesh. A BSP has to go through a bunch of work to figure out what faces are visible. This would be a waste of time if you end up drawing everything.

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