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3D Modeling, and Rendering Basics

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Hello, I am looking for a place where I can get a good amount of descriptive information on basic terms involved with 3D modeling and rendering, what you need to know to get started, and maybe some classes that I could take online in order to get started with 3D Design. I have little experience in it, but I am not knowledgeable of the terms and different aspects of the 3DS Max Modeling Studio.

Here is a little about me:
17 years old.
No highschool diploma.
Have a job, limit on spending on learning would be about $250.

So does anyone have some good information for me, or a place where I can learn? Thanks

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You have some options here.

Professional Stuff
Charcter modeling--> Zbrush (Realitively easy to use and workflow between 3DS and itself)
Building modelig --> I use Google Sketchup pro with a zbrush workflow

Blender. Its free with a cool community.

You can google any of these for main links (I'd provide them but i cant neatly from mobile device)

My advice- avoid onlineclasses until you feel that your ready to commit to it fully. There are GREAT free online resources to learn all of this.

PM if you need anything else. :) (sorry about poor spelling-- ipod)

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