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MMO-Minesweeper - version 0.9.0 IS OUT :)

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Hello Members!

I'm happy to announce, that I recently updated the Massively Multiplayer Online Minesweeper - [url=""][/url] - at the moment it's running steady on version 0.9.0!

If you never heard of the MMO-MS before, then yes, it is exactly that - a MMO version of minesweeper, where all players play online on single board. Curious? Check out the [url=""]Screenshots[/url]!

I will be happy to hear any constructive comment about the game (and the site), so I can roll-out improvements with the next update.

Thank you in advance for replies, and go have some fun sweeping!

Warning - after sweeping 2K squares (or roughly 500 mines) the game becomes addictive, so watch out! ;)

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