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project-less IDE/Editor w autocomplete

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Sorry for the strange title ;-)
What I'm looking for is:

Suppose I have a copy of a commercial cross compiler for embedded stuff, that does some things for me that free toolchains don't, which make me willing to pay its price. It also has an IDE, but that sucks at least in the respect that it does not have automatic code complettion, aka "intelli sense".

Do any of you know a free IDE/editor which supports code completion (and maybe some refactor functionality) for C++, but does not require an own project file to be maintained, so I could easily use it instead the editor of the commercial IDE thing?
For windows.
I've seen a nice linux IDE do exactly that, but it's for me at home, and I still prefer windows privately, find that as strange as you like :-D
This software had some sort of project files - but it created it, and "intellisense" information, by itself, from the source folder structure it found, as it seemed.
That would be ideal, to not make me maintain two projects for different IDEs.

Thanks in advance,

- unshaven

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