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Projectile theory

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I I'm at the position in my project where I need to do projectile calculations (bullets, bombs etc.) for a dual stick shooter. (player shoots at the direction of mouse position)
Previously I was using the Bresenham's line algorithm for fast calculations of points from A to B. Where a would just draw pixels or some bitmap.
But as I'm now working in OpenGL and with floating points this is no longer an option. I figured I would need starting point A(x,y,z) and Direction point B.
And I would need to calculate all the points from A through B until timer ends or some other event (collision etc.) And put a bitmap at each point.
But this is where I'm stuck. I don't know what to use, or weather I'm even right on the theory part.

Is there someplace I could learn about this topic?

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Without taking air resistance into account, projectile trajectories follow parabolas.

You have the starting direction and speed, with that you create a vector with X and Y speed components. The X reamains constant and you apply the gravity acceleration to the Y.

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