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openAL not looping source

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I recently set up openAL to add sound to my game and everything is going fairly well except for the fact that I can't loop my .wav file.

I am aware that I don't need to use a loop to get multiple sources, and that I should probably do some error checking in my sound loading method, I will fix that soon. However, do I need to explicitly create a device and context or not? When I do create the device and context, the sound plays very slow and choppy.

Anyway, does my code look right or do you guys see a misconception somewhere?


[code]ALboolean InitAL()

//device = alcOpenDevice(NULL);
//context = alcCreateContext(device, NULL);

alutInit(NULL, 0);

if(alGetError() != AL_NO_ERROR)
return false;
return true;

[code]vector<ALuint> FileManager::loadSound(int num, bool l, string id)

//Get Full Path
std::stringstream ss;
ss << soundPath << id;

vector<ALuint> sources;

ALuint buffer(alutCreateBufferFromFile(ss.str().c_str()));

for(int i = 0; i < num; i++){

ALuint tempSource;
alGenSources(1, &tempSource);

alSourcei(tempSource, AL_BUFFER, buffer);
alSourcef(tempSource, AL_PITCH, 1.0);
alSourcef(tempSource, AL_GAIN, 1.0);
if(l) alSourcef(tempSource, AL_LOOPING, AL_TRUE);

return sources;

[code]bool Game::start()

userShip = shared_ptr<Actor>(new Ship());
shared_ptr<class Ship> tempShip(dynamic_pointer_cast<class Ship>(userShip));

fileManager.loadSound(tempShip->getNumThrusters(), true, "Thruster.wav"),
fileManager.loadSound(tempShip->getNumThrusters(), false, "ThrusterEnd.wav"));

return true;

[code]void Thruster::control(Controller& input, GLfloat dt)

for each(int i in key){

isActive = true;

}else if(input.wasReleased(i)){

bool stillActive = false;
for each(int x in key){
stillActive = true;

isActive = false;

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Everything looks fine to me. It's been like a year since I used OpenAL tho.

I don't use alut but it looks like it's already creating a context by itself. As for the looping issue, the only difference I see is that I use

[code]alSourcei(source, AL_LOOPING, loop);[/code]
alSourcei instead of alSourcef, but I'm not sure if it matters.

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